Your Wedding…

Whether you are planning an amazing wedding or civil ceremony, it is without doubt one of the most important and emotional days of your life. Many months, sometimes years of preparation are going into the planning of your special day, a day that you deserve to be perfect. Our wedding DJs are your ideal choice to help you make your event a great success. You can put your trust in our team to know what they are doing and ensure your wedding entertainment runs how you want it.
We may not be able to provide you with the cheapest of entertainment options as our reputation demands we put quality and reliability first, but that doesn’t make us the most expensive. Our team of experienced wedding DJs offer you peace of mind for your wedding entertainment bringing their wedding expertise to your reception. Our great customer service throughout your planning and an amazing party experience will make your special day unique and unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Your Music…
We have discovered that there are mobile DJs who insist they retain total control over the music played at a wedding. This is probably based on tried and tested tunes which they play each and every night. Unfortunately we don’t know you or your guests so therefore without your input there’s no way we could know what your favourite songs are or which tunes will bring your friends rushing to the dance floor with big grins on their faces.
Using our online planning tools you have the opportunity to browse through our extensive music library. Choose your special first dance and build a list of your favourite songs, as well as the ones you don’t want. If you like, your guests can also be given access to their own planning system so they too can choose their favourite songs. The ultimate decisions over the songs they choose is of course your’s. This is a great way of getting your guests involved in the planning of your special day and gives us an insight of how to make the most of your reception. We do of course also accept requests on the night!

Your wedding, how you want it!

So you may be thinking by now that we just press play on your play list? Remember  you are paying for our team’s wedding experience, their ability to read the crowd and more importantly to play the songs at the right moment. All this alongside our vast knowledge of music will help your reception flow and keep your guests entertained, we may even introduce some great tracks you may not have thought of.
Of course if you want our wedding DJs to use their experience and you are more than happy to leave the music choices to us, that’s fine too we are committed to do our absolute best to keep your guests dancing all night!

Your dreams…

Unfortunately a lot of DJs have convinced themselves that they are the experts in their field and they understand their clients needs before speaking to them. They don’t! Many are quite happy to tell you what your evening reception is going to be like, but not ask you any questions.
Unlike those other services providers our first objective is to listen to what YOU want and where appropriate make helpful and sensible suggestions based upon your input. Virtually every aspect of our services on offer can be adapted to suit your dreams and requirements.

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Why not contact us using the button below to discuss your requirements, check availability and arrange a no obligation meeting and quotation.

As a guide our DJ packages start at £495.00 for a full evening’s service up to midnight. Additional hours after midnight priced at £60/hour.